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Training Program

Chaplain Training Programme

We have been training Chaplains since 1996

Since 1997 we have been refining our training programme to ensure that it is current, and up to date with latest developments. We have over the years successfully trained well over Seven Hundred (700) Chaplains.

Our Chaplain courses are for in-house Chaplaincy use within the ESC(SA). We are not yet SAQA Accredited, however this is currently being explored.

Our Curriculum embodies everything that is required, to make you a Competent, Skilled and Professional Chaplain, so that you can be of service to the thousands of First Responders that attend to Emergencies every day.

Our services have been extended to include ALL First Responders, whether it's Fire, Paramedical, Police, Metro Police, Towing Services etc.

For more information please send an email to info@escsa.org.za

Emergency Services Chaplain Course

Become an Emergency Services Chaplain

Who is this course for? This training course is for those who would like to become an Emergency Services Chaplain.

Course Duration:  18 Lectures each lecture duration is 2-4 hours (Online Training)

Entrance Criteria: You must be a minimum of 24 years of age at the time of starting the course, and you must meet the entrance criteria. Previous Theological Training or Leadership experience is an advantage. 

Chaplain Ordination Course

Become an Ordained Emergency Services Chaplain

Who is this course for? This training course is for those who would like to become an Ordained Emergency Services Chaplain.

Course Duration: 9 Lectures - each lecture duration is 2-4 hours each (Online Training)

Entrance Criteria: You must have completed the ESCSA Chaplain Training Course, and been an active, operational member of the ESC(SA) for a minimum of 18 months. the Chaplain's level of activity would be critical to being selected for the Ordination Course

Online Training Classes

Candidate ESC(SA) Chaplain Training - Phase 1 (6 Weeks)

You are required to attend one 2 Hour Training Class online, every week for 6 weeks.

ESC(SA) Chaplain Training - Phase 2 (12 Weeks)

You are required to attend two 2 Hour Training Class online, every week for 12 weeks.

Chaplain Ordination Training - Phase 3 (6-9 Months)

You are required to attend two - 2 Hour Training Class online, once a month for 6-8 Months.

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Training Information

Detailed Training Information

The Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA) is committed to providing highly specialised and recognised training to Pastors, Chaplains and Potential Chaplains that not only fully equip our candidates with the required specialised knowledge but also opens up an ongoing development and growth path.

The Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA) Training program has been developed by highly qualified and experienced individuals and subject specialists. Our training is  in conjunction with our partners worldwide.

Our courses include the following:

  • A 6 Lecture (2- 4 hours each) Candidate Chaplain Induction Course.
  • A 12 Lecture (4 hours each) Fully Trained Chaplaincy Course and registration with the ESC(SA) depending on ESC(SA) Board Approval and course results.
  • Official Active “on the ground”, ”real life”, experience provided at relevant organisations which all count toward the required Portfolio of Evidence.

At this point the Chaplain is fully trained and will be able to function as a fully trained Emergency Services Chaplain. If a Chaplain would want to proceed on the ESC(SA) Chaplaincy growth path they may undertake the following:

  • Registration with relevant professional bodies. E.g. ASCSP, HSCP (dependent on approval)
  • The highly regarded Ordination Course.This course has local and international recognition and enables dual ordination by a local Church that enables the Chaplain to be registered with Home Affairs after the relevant training and then operate as a Marriage Officer.
  • Through one of our Partners:
    1) Study for a full Bachelor of Theology Degree. Chaplains who have completed the ESC(SA) training will receive significant credits towards this internationally accepted Degree.
    2) Honours in Theology.
    3) PHD in Theology.
  • In addition to the above there are numerous shorter specialist courses that helps the Chaplain hone their skills in this challenging environment.

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