Ladies Support Group

Support for Female Chaplains

Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, and Physical support for the Female Chaplains of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA).

Our ladies have their own needs, challenges and issues. We now have other women you can speak to about these issues. We have a number of highly experienced and qualified pastoral counsellors, counselors and psychologists among our lady chaplains. They are available to assist you with any of the challenges that you may be dealing with.


Gail Masondo

Gail is a wife, mother, friend, and believer called to comfort, counsel, listen and share with those in pain and trauma. Gail has been an Emergency Services Chaplain since 2001 and is a world-renowned Chaplain, Author, International Speaker, Counsellor, Life in Recovery Coach, and founding member of SOZO – Let Love Cover. Gail is also a specialist in dealing with trauma resulting from Gender-Based Violence.

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