Chaplain of the Week – 8 May 2023

We thank and glorify the Lord for the work that He is doing through Chaplain Corne’. She is one of our new Chaplains and the Lord user Corne’ to bring Christ and minister effectively to recovering addicts, the homeless and destitute in the south of Johannesburg. Corne’ also works with recovering addicts, she supports feeding and medical support for the homeless and addicts. The Lord has also opened doors for her to minister with SAPS, Fire Ops and security companies where she works both with on scene victims and staff. in the south she has also been part of a number of news articles for the work she is doing for the Lord. We pray for the Lord’s continued anointing, presence, protection and the power of the Holy Spirit to work through her and touch the lives of many of the lost.

Feel free to contact Chaplain Corne’ for advice or assistance in these matters.

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