Chaplain of the Week 12 June 2023

We thank the Lord God for the work He is doing through Chaplain (Ps) Bertus Rothmann who works with his wife. He works at the Roodepoort SAPS dealing with their parades, their staff and Divine Intervention interaction. He further also does debriefs with various neibourhood watches in the Roodepoort Area. He assists with all the callouts from the neighbourhood watches and SAPS relating to domestic violence, house break ins, accident scenes, murders, suicides, natural deaths etc. On the ground they assist with emotional distress, mental conditions, drug addictions and all other calls where the community requires support or guidance. Placement and feeding of the destitute and GBV, Child Welfare. He deals with DOJ and Churches assisting with trauma and individuals in Crisis. They also do on the street services and evangelism. If you need assistance in any of these areas please feel free to contact Chaplain Bertus directly. He can also advise of the value of a couple working as a team. We will also be recognising Debbie separately at a later date.

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