Chaplain of the week – 1 May 2023

We give all the glory and honour to the Lord for twenty-four years of dedicated, faithful and loyal service provided by Reverend David. Rev David has served in various capacities in the ESC(SA) and has been the ESC(SA) President since 2003. The Lord has used him as an Advanced Paramedic, and ESC(SA) Chaplain on a vast amount of scenes including major disasters like the Lydenburg Floods in 2002. His service over the years makes him the ideal person to contact if you need to develop your chaplaincy ministry, are suffering from carer fatigue, feel despondent, traumatised or just need Godly wisdom. You can get the book he wrote for free by downloading it off the ESC(SA) Website or emailing He has a BA: Theology and Pastoral Psychology and wrote “Death where is your sting” in English and Afrikaans. Today Rev David continues his ministry despite being in constant, excruciating pain due to suffering from a critical debilitating disease.

Our Chaplain of the Week has the following objectives:

  1. It is aimed at glorifying and honouring God for the work the Lord is doing through our Chaplains.
  2. To show our Chaplains what God is doing so that they can relate and even get advice from the Chaplains on what and how they approach their chaplaincy ministry.
  3. To introduce our Chaplains to one another so that we all know who they are and what they look like.
  4. To help link the Body of Christ with one another to glorify God together and grow the kingdom.
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