How to become a Member

Joining the Emergency Services Chaplaincy

Should you wish to join the Emergency Services Chaplaincy, please take not of the points below.

An Emergency Services Chaplain is responsible for the Pastoral Care of the Personel and their families of the various disciplines of the Emergency Services.

We also give Pastoral Support to victims of Trauma and their families where the Emergency Services are involved,
and have requested our assistance.

We are not trauma councellors for the general public who have or are involved in trauma.

Becoming a Chaplain
If you feel God is calling you to the chaplaincy ministry, please click here to download our brochure. Please study this prayerfully. Once you are sure this is the ministry God is calling you to serve in please forward your contact details to and we will arrange for the Regional Coordinating Chaplain o your area to contact you.
Please Note:
ESCSA Chaplain's dedicate their time to serving God, and support themselves financially.
The ESCSA does not "employ" Chaplains, so should you be considering joining the ESCSA - please take not that you will not receive any remuneration for your services.

How can I be Better at what I Do?
Striving to excellence in God’s ministry
Isaiah 61: 1 - 3